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Stepping inside and settling into an individual seat, one rider immediately noticed the abundance of legroom in the area between the front seatback and rear seat cushion -- there was so much room you could stretch long legs or cross them and still have space to spare. Obviously this car contained far more room than what's usually available in a conventional Town Car, which remains the preferred vehicle among limousine operators.

This Lincoln also provided out-of-the-ordinary controls for rear riders in a console panel on the folding center armrest. There was a power toggle button to move the front passenger's seat foreword and toggle switches to activate heat elements in both rear seats, a 12-volt power point and dials to adjust climate and audio systems. A peek into the front seat revealed familiar fittings for dash, instrument panel and the bench-style seat split by a broad center armrest that folds down to form a console: Layout was identical to the conventional Town Car. This vehicle is Ideal for airport limousine service in Toronto, office to office transfer, and liveries!



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INTERIORFord Excursion Stretch Limousine - Interior

Ford Excursion Stretch Limousine - Interior

Ford Excursion Stretch Limousine - Interior